Happy Moments from Shalani
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Mascara on lower lashes


Apply mascara on the lower lashes with the tip
of the brush only, separating each lash as you
go. The lower eye lashes are scanty and different
to see, so you may put a piece of face tissue
touching the lower eye line, so that the eye
lashes are easily visible on the tissue paper.
Use a moist cotton bud to pick up any drippings
of the mascara.

Colored mascara

If you are bold enough, try putting on a blue or
brown mascara on your lashes after applying a
coat of black mascara, for a stunning look.

Tip to remove mascara

Mascara must be removed very carefully to avoid
damaging the delicate skin around the eyes.
Try removing the final traces of mascara with
a cotton bud dipped in cleanser.


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