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  After Hair wash

Precautions to be taken after a hair wash

After a hair wash, let your hair down and wrap the hair with a towel to blot out some of the moisture. Rubbing causes split ends and tugging wet hair pulls out the hair.

Do not brush your hair immediately.

After your hair dries partially, comb it slowly with a wide toothed comb. This avoids tangles.

A final rinse after a shampoo, of 1 tablespoon vinegar added to a mug of tap water gives shine to the hair.

Throw your hair down, gradually pour it on the head, rubbing it gently with the fingers.

After washing hair, dry them till slightly damp.

To give bounce to hair while still damp, bend and throw down the hair. Move your fingers in the hair or brush the hair from the roots to the tip. Now take the hair back.


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