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  Stomach pain

Stomach pain

Perhaps you had a few too many helpings at that buffet. Or may be you haven't eaten all day and your stomach is letting you know it isn't happy. Regardless of the cause eating too much, not enough, or even being too stressed a stomachache can make you feel as though there's a vise closing on your midsection.

When you need quicker relief, here are some tips that should help:

  • Reach for a light snack: Food in your stomach will absorb excess stomach acid, which can cause stomachaches. Having a snack is often the quickest way to ease the pain.
  • Have a piece of fruit: Fiber rich snacks are more effective at stopping stomachaches that those that don't contain fiber.
  • Try an herbal remedy they are really helpful.
  • Use bubbles for stomach troubles: Having a glass of cola, soda or carbonated drinks will often make you burp- and when you do, the gas is out.
  • Move around a little: Exercise can help make your digestive system work more efficiently, which is often all it takes to help ease stomach pain.

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